Calypso Pools surpassed my expectations not only as a pool builder, but as a provider of service in general. They won my business in the bidding process — because they didn’t bid. While 3 other pool companies were ready to take my check, Calypso said that a pool on my lot wouldn’t be approved by Coral Gables. We actually did get it approved, but their conservative approach was rare. The permitting and construction phases were virtually free of delays, because every time there was a problem, Calypso was back the next day to resolve it. Every week we woke up to a new kind of truck in our driveway starting a new phase of the construction, and it was exciting to watch instead of painful to live through. Thanks Calypso!

Annalisa Nash Fernandez

Many years ago my husband and I were contemplating in building a pool, however, we had heard so many horror stories that we wanted to be certain that the company we were going to utilize was honest and reputable. We began to our homework and we finally came across Calypso Pools. Our initial meeting convinced us that based on their punctuality and their professionalism we were definitely going to contract them. All of my friends were amazed that the pool was completed when promised and that we did not encounter any problems. Since then my family and I purchased a new home and Calypso Pools has completed my second pool. Calypso Pools has been around for many years and if they continue their great service and their honesty I foresee they will be around for many more. I will continue to tell people that when choosing a pool company to consider one of the most honest and reputable companies I know “ Calypso Pools

Zoila Cobian