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Miami’s all about the good life, and at the heart of it lies the dreamy attraction of swimming pools. Among the sea of Miami swimming pool builders, Calypso Pools is more than a choice; we’re the wizards turning dreams into poolside realities.

Top-Rated Miami Swimming Pool Builders

Calypso isn’t just about building pools; it’s about making dreams come true. What makes us stand out? Our crew. We’re not just experts; We’re family. Most of our team have been part of the Calypso family for over five years, creating a synergy that’s hard to find elsewhere. At Calypso, we treat customers like family too. Your happiness is more than our goal; it’s our top priority.

With over 42 years in the game, Calypso has been the top pick for countless homeowners and developers. We’re experts in pool construction and we’re always happy to collaborate with homeowners for innovative designs.

Calypso is all about efficiency without compromising quality. Family-owned and operated, we promise a lightning-fast 8-10 week turnaround from dig to splash. And our A+ Google Rating? It speaks volumes about the top-notch craft and happy customers.

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For over 42 years, Calypso Pools has been redefining pool construction. We’re not just about building pools; we’re about crafting spaces where life’s best moments happen. Each project is a canvas for unforgettable memories. If you want that kind of experience in your backyard, contact us today at (305) 262-1424 or email us at